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Selected publications (Quantum transport)

B. M. Andersen, K. Flensberg, V. Koerting, and J. Paaske, Nonequilibrium Transport through a Spinful Quantum Dot with Superconducting Leads, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 256802 (2011).

T. Sand-Jespersen, K. Grove-Rasmussen, J. Paaske, K. Muraki, T. Fujisawa, J. Nygård, K. Flensberg, Spin-orbit coupling in multi-electron carbon nanotubes,
Nature Physics 7, 348 (2011).

E. A. Osorio, K. Moth-Poulsen, H. van der Zant, J. Paaske, P. Hedegård, K. Flensberg, J. Bendix, and T. Bjørnholm, Electrical manipulation of spin states in a single electrostatically gated transition-metal complex
Nano Letters 10, 105-110 (2010)

K. Flensberg, Tunneling characteristic of a chain of Majorana bound states,
Physical Review B 82, 180516 (2010).

K. Kaasbjerg and K. Flensberg, Strong polarization-induced reduction of addition energies in single-molecule nanojunctions,
Nano Letters 8, 3809 (2008).

JT, Lu, P. Hedegård, and M. Brandbyge, Blowing the Fuse: Berry's Phase and Runaway Vibrations in Molecular Conductors, Nano Letters 8, 3809 (2008).

J. R. Hauptmann, J. Paaske & P. E. Lindelof, Electric-field-controlled spin reversal in a quantum dot with ferromagnetic contacts, Nature Physics 4, 373 - 376 (2008). 

J. Paaske, A. Rosch, P. Wölfle, N. Mason, C. M. Marcus, & J. Nygård, Non-equilibrium singlet-triplet kondo effect in carbon nanotubes, Nature Physics, 2, 460-464 (2006).

M. Lunde, K. Flensberg, and L.I. Glazman,
Interaction-Induced Resonance in Conductance and Thermopower of Quantum Wires, 
Physical Review Letters 97,  256802 (2006).

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J. Paaske and K. Flensberg,
Vibrational Sidebands and Kondo-effect in Molecular Transistors,
Physical Review  Letters 94, 176801 (2005).