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Quantum computing (Selected publications)

Flindt, A. Sørensen, and K. Flensberg, Spin-orbit induced control of qubits,
Physical Review Letters 97, 240501 (2006).

M. Leijnse and K. Flensberg, Scheme to measure Majorana fermion lifetimes using a quantum dot, Physical Review B 84, 140501(R) (2011)

M. Leijnse and K. Flensberg, Quantum information transfer between topological and spin qubit systems, Physical Review Letters 107, 210502 (2011).

K. Flensberg, Non-Abelian operations on Majorana fermions via single charge control,
Physical Review Letters 106, 090503 (2011)

K. Flensberg and C.M. Marcus, Bends In Nanotubes Allow Electric Spin Control and Coupling, Physical Review B 81, 195418 (2010)

A. Pályi, P.R. Struck, M. Rudner, K. Flensberg, G. Burkard, Spin-orbit induced strong coupling of a single spin to a nanomechanical resonator, Physical Review Letters 108, 206811 (2012)