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Research at the group

Research in condensed matter systems addresses fundamental questions about the effective degrees of freedom in a quantum many-body system. These emergent quantum states, which are results of very complicated interacting systems, allow an often surprisingly simple description and understanding.

We study quantum behavior of nanostructures and their applications in quantum transport devices, quantum information systems, as well as fundamental questions related to the properties of materials, such as exotic superconductors.

Our theoretical work is most often times driven by experimental findings and by attempts to predict new interesting phenomena. In particular, many of the group activities are done as part of the Center for Quantum Devices and in collaboration with other members of the Nano-ScienceCenter.

Quantum Transport

We investigate electron transport through molecular junctions, carbon nanotube devices, and similar systems, using mostly analytical many-body techniques, but also some numerical simulations. More >>

Advanced Materials

Advanced materials are generally characterized by a complex interplay between orbital, spin, and charge degrees of freedom. We study the resulting intricate behavior of such interacting systems by analytical and numerical calculations. More >>

Quantum Computing

Properties of solid state quantum information platforms, including the coherence of the quantum information and as well as ways to manipulate the quantum states. The research focuses on spin qubit and topological Majorana Fermion systems. More >>