CMT Seminar: Shantanu Mukherjee – University of Copenhagen

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CMT Seminar: Shantanu Mukherjee

Indian Institute Of Technology-Madras

Emergence of charge and magnetic order in Sr3Ru2O7 compounds

Bilayer material Sr3Ru2O7 (Sr327) consist of a rich phase diagram including metamagnetic transition, electronic nematic order, Mott insulating state, dopant induced structural transition, long range magnetic order and a recently observed charge ordered state.
In this talk I will summarize our current understanding of the origin of the ordered phases in Sr327 compound. Our results on the calculation of spin susceptibility within a random phase approximation in this multi band material will be presented. Focusing on the observation of dopant induced long range magnetic order, I will show that by accounting for the oxygen octahedral rotation angle changes with Mn doping we can understand the formation of a long range magnetic order in qualitative agreement with neutron scattering experiments. Finally, I will present the results of a recent QPI experiment that discovered a new charge ordered state in Mn-doped Sr327 compound and discuss a possible scenario for the origin of such a state.