CMT Seminar: Silvia Viola Kusminskiy – University of Copenhagen

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CMT Seminar: Silvia Viola Kusminskiy

Title: Backaction and dynamical control of mesoscopic systems
The last few years have brought unprecedented advances in mesoscopic quantum systems. The first realization of a quantum macroscopic state has taken place by cooling down a nanomechanical resonator to its ground state, while advances in fabrication procedures have made it possible to reach high degrees of control and tunability in nanoelectromechanical systems, for example demonstrating tunable coupling between macroscopic vibrations to internal electronic degrees of freedom up to the limit of a single fluctuating charge.
The next challenge is to put these proof-of-principle experiments to work into integrated devices for quantum technologies. For example, one could think of designing ³tiny machines², e.g. motors, that make use of quantum principles to function. Another exciting perspective is to use these systems as a platform for quantum information processing, self-standing or as part of hybrid nanodevices in which spin and optical degrees of freedom are also important components. In particular optomagnonics, aimed at coherent control of elementary magnetic excitations with light, is a promising emergent field and the first experiments in this area have appeared at the end of last year. 
In this talk I go over different examples of backaction induced dynamics in both nanoelectromechanical and optomagnonic systems, and discuss future perspectives.