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Master theses

Johannes H. J. Martiny

Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen

A Chebyshev-Bogoliubov-de Gennes Approach to Quasiparticle Interference in the Nematic Phase of FeSe

Asbjørn Rasmussen, 2016

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Physics of Majorana Fermions

Anine Laura Borger, 2016

Supervisor: Mark Rudner

Steady State Entanglement in Quantum Dot Networks

Jens Broe Rix, 2015

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Thermoelectrically Driven Current Loops

Asger Johannes Skjøde Bolet, 2015

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

Berry Curvature as a Multi-Band Effect in Boltzmann Equations

Frederik S. Nathan, 2015

Supervisor: Mark S. Rudner

Topological Classification of Floquet-Bloch Systems

Monika Kovacic, 2014
Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen
Magnetic excitations in itinerant iron-based superconductors

Anika Haller, 2014

Supervisors: Jens Paaske & Felix von Oppen
Sub-Gap Transport in Superconductor-Dot Junctions

Mathias Rosdahl Jensen, 2014

Supervisor: Jens Paaske & Anders Mathias Lunde

Understanding the low energy physics of bismuth selenide: A three-dimensional topological insulator

Beñat Mencia Uranga, 2014
Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen

Vortices in unconventional correlated superconductors

Marcella Cabrera Berg, 2015

Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen

Theoretical studies of the magnetic and superconducting properties of superoxygenated LaSrCuO

Esben Bork Hansen, 2014

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Unpaired Majorana Fermions in Disordered p-wave Superconductor and Random Matrix Theory

Marius Folden Simonsen, 2014
Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Long Range Coulomb Interactions in Nearly Metallic Carbon Nanotubes

Bingdong Chang, 2013

Supervisor: Jens Paaske
Majorana fermion representations of magnetic impurity problems

Logi Arnarson, 2012
Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Magnetic Triplet Excitations in Graphene

Filip Anselm Rasmussen, 2012

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Properties and Transport Characteristics of Majorana Fermions in Nanowires

Konrad Wölms, 2012  (exchange student Freie Universität)
Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Majorana Fermions in quantum wires and the influence of environment

Simon Loftager, 2012

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

Electron dynamics on the surface of a three-dimensional topological insulator

Maria N. Gastiasoro, 2012

Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen

Bogoliubov-de Gennes studies of Fe-based superconductors

William H. P. Nielsen, 2011

Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen

STM predictions for the loop-current pseudogap theory of the cuprates

Chiara Stevanato, 2011

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

Cotunneling spectroscopy of coupled spin systems

Michael Bjerngaard, 2011

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

Impurity scattering in a helical metal. Probing the electronic surface states of a topological insulator

Frederik Treue, 2010

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Spin-orbit coupling and chirality in carbon nanotubes

Ugo Tricoli, 2010

Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen

Theoretical study of the nematic phase of the high-Tc superconductors

Rasmus B. Christensen, 2010

Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen

Impurity Induced States Studied in the RVB Picture Using an Extended Gutzwiller Approximation

Kim Georg Lind Pedersen, 2009

Supervisor: Jens Paaske and Brian Møller Andersen

Poor Man’s Scaling for the Nonequilibrium Kondo Problem and Antiferromagnetic Correlations in Optical Lattices

Andreas Andersen2009

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

Kondo model for quantum dots with spin-orbit coupling.

Astrid T. Rømer, 2008

Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen and Kim Lefmann

Magnetic correlations in the high-temperature superconductor La1.88Sr0.12CuO4

Jakob Garde, 2008

Supervisor: Kim Lefmann and Per Hedegård

Numerical Simulation of Magnetic Dynamics in Nanoparticles

Toke Lynæs Larsen, 2008

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Electron and hole relaxation in one-dimensional wires.

Robert Zak, 2007 (exchange student Warsaw University)

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg
Transport characteristics of multiprobe quantum dot structures

Alberto Marmodoro, 2006

Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen and Per Hedegård

A model for angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy in high-Tc superconductors

Jesper Nissen, 2005

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg and Mathias Lunde

Kulstof nanorørs båndstruktur

Alessandra Rossini, 2005

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Supercurrent through oscillating quantum dot

Gregers Alexander Kaat, 2004

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Single electron transistors and electron-vibron coupling

Lars Timmerman, 2004

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Transistorens historie og fysik.

Thomas Lynghøj Christensen, 2004

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Spin transport through tunnel barriers with localized levels

Jonas Nyvold Pedersen, 2004

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Coherent and correlated transport in mesoscopic structures

Anders Mathias Lunde, 2004

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Coulomb drag in multiwall Carbon nanotubes

Jesper Qvist Thomassen, 2003

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Mesoscopic transport in magnetically contacted quantum dots

Ask Boisen, 2003

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Corrections to the Landauer-Büttiker formula using the Kubo formula for conductance with electron-phonon interactions

Thomas Stibius Bagger Jensen, 2002

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg
Spin drag and transport equations in systems with spin-polarized currents

Niels Asger Mortensen, 1999

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg
Theoretical models of transport in macroscopic and mesoscopic NS structures

Logi Arnarson, 2012

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Magnetic triplet excitations in graphene

Anne Gladbo Platz, 2011

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Berry phases in molecular transport

Birte Martin-Bertelsen, 2010

Supervisor: Lise Arleth (LIFE) and  Per Hedegård

Bayesiansk analyse af biologisk småvinkelspredning

Ole Bjerregård Rasmussen, 2010

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Magnesiumdiborid og Ginzburg-Landau Teori

Rasmus Pinholt, 2010

Supervisor: Niels Hessel Andersen (Risø) and Per Hedegård

Characterization of MgB2 superconductors

Kristian Wichmann, 2010

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Mean field theory of magnetic and superconducting order parameters

Jakob Houmark-Nielsen, 2006

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Investigation of image charge e ects in Single Molecule Transistors

Linda Udby, 2004

Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen og Per Hedegård

Electronic structure of high-Tc superconductors

Brian Møller Andersen, 2001

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Stripes and checkerboards in high-Tc superconductors

Thorsten Hansen, 2001

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Magnetic vortex cores in Borocarbides

Stine Nyborg Klausen, 2000

Supervisor: Per Hedegård
Superconductivity in Borocarbides

Michael Hallundbæk, 1999

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

SO(5) theory of magnetic vortex cores

Svend Hvidsteen, 1998

Supervisor: Poul Erik Lindelof and Per Hedegård

Transport in media with no inversion symmetry 

Kasper Juel Eriksen, 1999

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Transport theory and random magnetic fields

Jakob Schiøtz, 1996

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Theory of high-Tc

Gunnar Gunnarsson, 1994

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Quantum Motional Narrowing

Ayoe Hoff, 1994

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Quantum Particles in Periodic Magnetic-Fields

Anders Smith, 1994

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Structural Instabilities in the T-J Model

Flemming Kai Hansen, 1993

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

High-Tc superconductors

Peder Worning, 1993

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Bipolaron theory of high-Tc

Mads Brandbyge, 1993

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Non-equilibrium quantum Brownian motion

Mads Nielsen, 1992

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

2D transport and magnetic vortices

Michael Brix Pedersen, 1989

Supervisor: Per Hedegård

Spinons and holons in high-Tc